Atlantic Pilot Project

Atlantic Pilot Project

Atlantic Pilot Project or Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) program was introduced in 2017 as a joint effort of stimulating the economic growth of Canada’s Atlantic provinces by inviting various skilled workers across the globe.

Following are the Atlantic provinces in Canada:

Atlantic Pilot Project or Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is an employer-driven pilot program that focuses on inviting and bringing applicants to the region to fill the job positions that no Canadian citizen and/or Permanent Residents is available for.

To hire via Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), employers are not required to have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Instead, they are needed to fulfil all the requirements of becoming designated to offer the jobs.

Currently, 3 programs are being operated under the AIP, that targets various types of applicants.

The Atlantic High-Skilled Program is specially designed for the skilled workers having professional, or management, or any sort of technical job experience.

The Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program is particularly designed for all those applicants who have applied for the jobs requiring a high school education or any other specific training needed to do the job.

The Atlantic International Graduate Program is specially designed for all the candidates having a degree, or a diploma or any other course pursued from a public-funded educational institute in any of the Atlantic provinces.

Optional Temporary Work Permit

Only a few applicants are allowed to apply for a temporary work permit prior to applying for their permanent residency. This temporary work permit allows them to start working in the province while their application is being processed.

Settlement Plan

All the applicants applying under any of the 3 Atlantic Immigration Pilot programs will need to have a proper Settlement Plan after obtaining a job offer.

The Settlement Plan is specifically designed to help you get settled in Canada by focussing on the specific resources that are needed by you and your family.

An applicant can make the Settlement Plan with the help of a settlement service provider, who is available inside as well as outside Canada.

How Atlantic Pilot Project Works?

The Atlantic Pilot Project or Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a program that is completely driven by employers who support the economy by hiring foreign workers. All the eligible applicants flying to Canada under this program are required to have a valid job offer from an eligible employer as well as a proper settlement plan framed for themselves as well as their family.

Once a valid employer finds an eligible applicant who fulfils all of their employment requirements as well as the program criteria, the employer will then have to offer a job to them. No LMIA is required by the employers under this program. Once the applicant accepts the job, the employer will then connect the applicant with a reputed organization providing the settlement services to develop a settlement plan.

Employers who wish to fill the job vacancy faster will directly have access to a temporary work permit, hence the applicant and his/her family can arrive in Canada as early as possible. To obtain the work permit, applicants are required to have:

  • a legal job offer
  • a valid letter received from the province; and
  • an assured commitment to apply for the Canadian PR within 90 days after you apply for the temporary work permit.

Employer designation

Employers who wish to hire skilled/professional immigrants under this program firstly should apply to the province to receive the designation. Different provinces have different employers having a separate designation with respect to each province. Employers are also required to fulfil certain requirements, which includes an assurance to support all the newcomers and their family as they step into a new life in the Atlantic Province of Canada.

Candidate requirements

The AIP runs 2 programs specially designed for skilled workers

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

and 1 program designed for all the international graduate student:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

The education, working experience, and the job offer needed for the program will certainly depend on what basis an applicant is going to apply, as an international graduate student or as a worker, apart from that all the other requirements remain the same for both the criteria.