Dependent or Adopted Child Sponsorship

Dependent or Adopted Child Sponsorship

Dependent or Adopted Child Sponsorship

Canadian citizens or Permanent residents are allowed to apply for Sponsoring child to Canada who is staying abroad or other dependent people of the family to apply for the Permanent Residency in Canada.

Who is a Dependent Child?

A child can only become eligible for Dependent Child Sponsorship Canada program only if he/she meets the definition or requirements of a Dependent child. Any child who is neither married nor in a relationship with a Common-Law partner and is less than 22 years old is considered to be a dependent no matter if the child is a biological or adopted child of a Canadian permanent resident or Canadian citizen. A child older than 22 years of age will be considered dependent only if he/she is suffering from any sort of physical or mental condition which is preventing them to support themselves.

Eligibility & Requirements for Dependent Child Sponsorship Canada

Under family sponsorship programs, both the sponsored person as well as the sponsor are required to fulfil all the eligibility requirements for the child to be allowed permanent residency status. All the parents who wish to sponsor their child:

  • Must be a Permanent resident or Canadian citizen staying in Canada
  • Must be minimum of 18 years old
  • Must not be in prison, or bankrupt, or charged with any serious offence

Parents are required to provide the proof of their relationship with the child, via a birth certificate or adoption documents. For all the parents who are in the final stages of an adoption process, they are allowed to sponsor their adopted child during the adoption process.

Eligibility & Requirements for Adopted Child Sponsorship

Parents must meet all the following requirements to be eligible to apply under this program:

  • The sponsored person as well as the sponsor must generate the proof of their relationship with the child if the child is adopted or naturally born to them.
  • Though the adoption process is in its final phase, the sponsor is allowed to apply for the sponsorship even before finalizing the adoption process.
  • The sponsored child, as well as the sponsor, must be accepted by the (IRCC) the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada to be eligible to receive a visa.
  • The child can be adopted from the inside or outside of Canada.
  • The sponsor must prove that he/she is capable of taking care of the adopted child by generating the income proof as well as the shelter, clothing and health facilities to the adopted child.
  • The sponsor must have received a permanent residency status minimum 5 years ago.
  • The age criteria for the sponsored person is a minimum of 16 years.

How to Apply For Dependent or Adopted Child Sponsorship

Follow the steps to apply for the Dependent Child Sponsorship Canada of an adopted or a dependent child:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Gather all of the required documents as follows:
  • Adoption certificate or Proof of dependency.
  • Police certificates.
  • Medical certificates for both (The sponsor and the Sponsored child).
  • Income proofs that show the capability of giving financial support to the sponsored child.
  • Photos and Fingerprints of the sponsor and the sponsored child.
  • Birth certificates for all the children below the age of 18 years.
  • If your documents are not in English or French, you are required to submit the translation documents.
  • All the above-mentioned documents must be certified true copies.
  • Put the proper date and sign on the application.
  • Payment of the application processing fees.
  • Application submission.