Self Employed Farmer Stream

Self Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

The Self-Employed Farmer Stream is an essential stream that has been started under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) which aims towards attracting the farm owners as well as operators who are planning to stay in Alberta to purchase and/or manage their business of farming.

The AINP tests the eligibility of applicants by working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Alberta.

To be considered under this stream for immigration to Alberta, individuals must demonstrate farm management skills and adequate financial capital to invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta with the aim of setting up a farming business in Alberta.

Minimum Requirements

To be eligible to apply under this stream, self-employed farmers must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • They must submit proof of them having farm management skills along with:
  • Financial documentation of existing business of farming;
  • Education proof, Training certificate, as well as work experience;
  • A proposed business plan describing the farming business in Alberta that an applicant wishes to operate; and
  • Proof that a Canadian financial institution is able to fund the farming business activities of the applicant in Alberta.
  • They must submit proof of them having adequate financial resources for their new farming business
  • A minimum of CAD $500,000 of equity needs to be invested in a primary production farming company in Alberta; and
  • Show a CAD $500,000 minimum net worth or evidence of access from other sources to similar assets.

Note: The minimum amount for investment is CAD $500,000. To demonstrate investment capacity, a greater amount may be needed.

  • They must submit proof that they are willing to invest in any of Alberta’s primary production business of farming:
  • In the proposed business plan, Document investment intentions are required; and
  • Based on Alberta's agri-food goals, the Government of Alberta prioritizes applications that demonstrate the greatest potential for growth.
  • Attend an in-person interview with a representative of the Government of Alberta who decides the eligibility of the applicant under the AINP.

Ineligible applicants

Under the Self-Employed Farmer Stream of AINP, the following individuals are not qualified to apply:

  • Any refugee claimants, or any individuals involved in any sort of federal appeal and/or removal process; it isn’t the mandate of the AINP to interfere in the federal refugee claims or any appeals or any sort of removal processes.
  • Live-in caregivers who are currently staying in Canada
  • Any temporary foreign worker who is living and working in any other province than Alberta
  • Any international student who is studying in Canada which includes all the students doing their cooperative work placements or any sort of internships as a part of their education program.