Manitoba – MPNP

Manitoba – MPNP

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – MPNP

Talking about all the beautiful provinces in Canada, Manitoba undoubtedly makes it to the list. Manitoba province embarks an exceptional linguistic as well as cultural diversity like you’ve never experienced before. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and is also home to plenty of people from myriad communities. Besides having an abundance of the cultural landscape, Manitoba is considered to be a city with access to higher studies, modest living culture, plenty of career opportunities that will brighten your future.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program welcomes all the eligible applicants with the required skills to become an integral part of the growing economy. Manitoba PNP allows all the nominated applicants to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency and also allows them to stay and work in Manitoba province.

Application for the Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP is indeed the quickest as well as the easiest program for all the interested applicants who have a valid connection in Manitoba. If you wish to apply please follow the steps given below

Expression of interest

You must start with creating an online profile after which you must submit an expression of interest form to the MPNP.

Invitation to Apply

Among all the Expression of interest forms, MPNP will choose the candidate having the highest-ranking profile in the pool having a connection with/in Manitoba and will send an MPNP preliminary application invite.


After receiving a positive review for the submitted application, all the eligible candidates will then be nominated by Manitoba after which they can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa for them as well as their families.

To increase your chances of succeeding as a skilled worker overseas, you need to have an authentic connection in the province through a relative or a friend. You must have any of the following connections or relatives in Manitoba:

  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather
  • Niece or Niece
  • Uncle or Aunt
  • Close friend
  • First cousin
  • Other relatives

How To Determine If You Are Eligible To Apply for the MPNP?

To become eligible, an applicant must score 60 out of 100 points to create a profile and submit their expression of interest. Many factors concerning your friends or relatives play a vital role in determining the eligibility or ineligibility of your profile. Your eligibility for applying to MPNP can easily be calculated by checking out your scores.

There are three main streams under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. You can also apply under the sub-categories such as;

Skilled Worker Stream

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Any applicant who wishes to apply under this stream must have a strong connection with Manitoba, either have sufficient skills or education to work in Manitoba or must possess the official language proficiency which can help to make a valuable contribution to the economy as well as the community of Manitoba.

  • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

Skilled Worker overseas

Any applicant who wishes to apply under this stream must show a valid connection with Manitoba, either having any of the family members or friends residing in Manitoba or having any of the previous education or work experience in Manitoba.

  • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Human Capital Pathway
International Education Stream

Career Employment Pathway

The Career Employment Pathway program is specially designed for the foreign nationals who graduated recently from any post-secondary institution in Manitoba and are working in an in-demand service or occupation in Manitoba.

Graduate internship Pathway

The Graduate Internship Pathway program in Manitoba is designed to accept applications from all the interested international graduates who have pursued their Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Manitoba within the period of the last 3 years and must have completed the internship period.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Any international student who wants to become an entrepreneur can apply under this stream and also must possess the language proficiency, willingness to move to and getting settled in the province.

Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

Morden city, Manitoba has introduced a new pathway program for all the interested individuals who are willing to move to Canada but do not have any job offer, or any of their friends or family members staying in Canada.

The Morden Community Immigration Pathway program was designed under Manitoba PNP that works to fill the gap of labour shortages in the city, and the governing body of Morden city will nominate the applicants on the basis of the previous work experience in various fields such as cabinet making, manufacturing, industrial sewing machine operators, welding, childcare as well as daycare workers.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) of Manitoba province was formerly known as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business, or MPNP-B, is intended to draw the experienced business owners as well as entrepreneurs who are willing to start a new business or set up a farm in Manitoba Province.

The BIS enables MPNP to hire and nominate all the potential foreign entrepreneurs and business investors who are willing to build a new business or purchase an existing established business in Manitoba province.

The BIS comprises of 2 Immigration pathways as follows:

  1. Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway; and
  2. Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway.

Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

n Applicant applying under the Farm Investor Pathway is required to have a valid farm business experience, a sufficient amount of capital to invest, and who is willing to establish as well as operate all the farm operations in the rural area of Manitoba.

Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway

An Applicant applying under the Entrepreneur Pathway must be a business person having an intent of moving to and get settled in Manitoba, become a partner in any of the existing business or purchase a new business within the period of the first 24 months after arriving in Canada.