Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Canada is considered as one true place offering people life-changing opportunities as well as a stunningly beautiful place that is beyond compare. Nova Scotia is one of those eye-catching provinces in Canada that will make your jaw drop with its breathtaking scenery.

Nova Scotia is included in the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Nova Scotia province is basically a peninsula having a number of offshore islands adding to its natural beauty.

What makes Nova Scotia an alluring, affordable and enjoyable place to reside, is a lower cost of living as well as a higher standard of life. The government of Nova Scotia province has introduced many organizations that help all the new immigrants in finding jobs, getting enrolled in the university of their dreams, improving their language skills as well as making their new life after immigration easier.

The friendly neighbourhood of Nova Scotia is warm and welcoming along with a healthy and safe community. The healthcare system in Nova Scotia is designed to prioritize the people in need regardless of their financial status.

The Nova Scotia province hosts a variety of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programs (NSNP) specially designed to retain as well as attract the newcomers who are fully dedicated and are capable of filling the gaps in the workforce as well as meaningfully contributing to the local communities and economies.

The NSNP accepts applications under the following immigration streams

Some popular Immigration Streams under NSNP

Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry

The Experience Express Entry stream of NSNP is mainly focussed on the highly skilled people who are willing to work and stay permanently in the Nova Scotia province. To become eligible, applicants are required to have a minimum work experience of 1-year working at a highly skilled job in the Nova Scotia province.

This program is associated with the immigration system of the federal Express Entry program, which allows the successful applicants to apply and submit their application as well as receive their provincial nomination.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

The Labour Market Priorities stream of NSNP focuses mainly on the Express Entry applicants having a decent work experience while working at a highly demanded position in the Nova Scotia province. Since August 2018, the Labour Market Priorities stream of NSNP only accepts the applications from those individuals who have the experience working as Early Childhood Educators and Assistants as classified by NOC 4214.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

The Labour Market Priorities Stream for Physicians under NSNP works as a bridge, joining the Labour Market Priorities Stream that targets the applicants from the Federal Express Entry pool, and the Physician Stream that focuses the family physicians, general practitioners, as well as specialist physicians. All the selected applicants who are going to receive a provincial nomination will be awarded an extra 600 points in their Express Entry profile, which will make it easier for them to receive an application invite for the Canadian Permanent Residency.

Skilled Worker Stream

The Skilled Worker stream of NSNP allows all the eligible employers of Nova Scotia to hire any international student who graduated recently or any foreign workers whose special skills are required in the Nova Scotia province.

Occupation In-Demand Stream

The Occupations In-Demand stream of NSNP focuses on the workers having a valid job offer from an eligible employer in Nova Scotia belonging to an in-demand area of occupation.

Physician Stream

Under the Physicians stream of NSNP, any applicant having a valid job offer from an eligible health organization in Nova Scotia becomes eligible to apply under this stream and receive the provincial nomination.

Atlantic Pilot Project

Nova Scotia province has participated in the Atlantic Pilot Project (Atlantic Immigration Pilot – AIP). The Atlantic Pilot Project is designed to focus on the economic growth of Canada. The Atlantic Pilot Project is a result of the federal government partnering with Atlantic provinces in Canada. The Atlantic Pilot Project offers immigration to all the newcomers or beginners who already have a valid job offer from an eligible employer in the Canadian Atlantic region.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) Entrepreneur Stream is designed to attract individuals who wish to start or acquire a business and settle permanently in Nova Scotia.

This Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) stream is for experienced business owners and senior business managers intending to live in Nova Scotia and participate in the day-to-day management of the business.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

The International Graduate Entrepreneur (IGE) Stream is open to recent graduates of a recognized university in Nova Scotia or the Nova Scotia Community College who have already started or purchased a business in the province.

This Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) stream functions on an Expression of Interest (EOI) system whereby candidates submit an EOI and are then awarded points based on a number of criteria. The highest ranked candidates are invited to apply to the program by the NSNP.