Physician Stream

Physician Stream

Nova Scotia Physician Stream

Under the Physicians stream of NSNP, any applicant having a valid job offer from an eligible health organization in Nova Scotia becomes eligible to apply under this stream and receive the provincial nomination.

Program Requirements

Express Entry Profile No
Connection to Province No
Job Offer Yes
Language Proficiency No minimum
Level of Education Medical License
Work Experience No minimum
Investment Requirement None

Job Offer

To be eligible to apply under Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians stream under NSNP a foreign applicant is required to have a valid job offer either from the IWK Health Centre or the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA). The job offer must be at the position listed for NOC code 3111 which belongs to a Specialist Physician or 3112 which belongs to a General Practitioner or any of the Family Physicians.

Language Proficiency & Education

Nova Scotia Physicians Stream has no minimum level of education, language proficiency, or work experience, IWK Health Centre and NSHA both conduct the hiring process including an extensive review of the potential employees’ medical or education credentials, eligibility for medical licensing as well as the language proficiency in the Nova Scotia Province.

Usually, the application for immigration process requires the same documents such as the proof of language proficiency, education, as well as the licensing. The same sort of assessments received by the eligible employer in the Nova Scotia province will certainly be used while applying for the immigration process, making the process a little easier for all the foreign applicants.