Extend your work permit

Extend your work permit

Extend Your Work Permit

  • A work permit entitles you to live and work in Canada temporarily. If a work permit that’s about to expire or any condition on the work permit changes such as
  • the type of work you can do
  • the employer you can work for
  • where you can work

then you need to apply for extension or to make changes the conditions.

Employer-specific work permits

You need to apply to extend or change the conditions of your work permit if:

  • your job is extended
  • there are changes to your current job, such as:
  • a change in pay, role, new responsibilities
  • you want to work for a new employer

Open work permits

If you have an open work permit, you may be able to extend it as long as you’re eligible to work in Canada with an open work permit.

  • You must submit your application at least 30 days before your current permit expires.
  • Your passport must be valid for your entire stay in Canada, including the extended period.

In the case of work permit expires

If your permit expires after you apply then you can stay in Canada until a decision is not made to your application. In this situation, you have implied status.

If your permit expired before you applied for a new work permit or study permit or visitor extension.

You may apply within 90 days with the restoration of your valid status.

Government fees:
Closed Work Permit : $ 155
Open Work Permit : $ 255