Work permit for H1B visa holder

Work permit for H1B visa holder

Work Permit for H1B Visa Holder

US employer can hire H1B holder in Canada. If in the case if your H1B work visa is expiring and if you are ready to move to Canada.

US employers work with Canadian-based Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to employ remote workers in Canada and candidate can work remotely from Canada for their US Employer !

If your current US employer is willing to continue your employment as a remote worker in Canada, then migrating to Canada after your H1-B expires. It is not your H-1B experience in the US that can help you, but the fact that your current US employer can offer you a job in Canada. Professional recruiting Organizations perform as your new employer of record in Canada, and assign you to work for your former US employer as their employee.

Once you become a Canadian permanent resident, you require a US-issued B1/B2 multiple entry visitor visa so you can meet USA employer. It is easy to apply for visitor visa and it allows you to attend business meetings and conference. You are not allowed to work in USA without work visa/H1B.