Canada Lockdown due to COVID-19

On 26 March, Canada had 4046 confirmed cases across the country with the most cases confirmed in the province of British Columbia and Ontario. To further ensure that social gatherings are restricted the Canadian Government has put in place a few strict measures to slow the spread before hospitals are overwhelmed. The new measures are hard pills to swallow for thousands of workers, and small business owners not just in Canada, but across the world where similar procedures are followed:

The shutdown of all non-essential businesses, including restaurants, clothing stores, parks, schools, etc.

Closure of borders for all non-Canadians, international students, holiday travelers, temporary workers and temporary residents who want to travel to Canada.

Thankfully, Canada’s number one priority is and has always been the well-being of its citizens and permanent residents. In response to the strict measures, the Canadian Government has introduced an emergency economic plan to soften the economic blow to the country and the citizens in the form of $82 billion dollars that will be distributed fairly to Canadian workers and businesses amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

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