Canada recognizes the contribution of asylum claimants

The government of Canada recognizes the contribution of asylum claimants working in Canada’s health-care sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, specially in long-term care centers which includes all front-line workers who provide direct care to patients across Canada. Immigration minister Marco Mendicino, “As these individuals face an uncertain future in Canada, the current circumstances merit exceptional measures in recognition of their service during the pandemic.”

For the family reunification, all family members of the applicant will also be included in the asylum application. If the claim is successful then all the applicants and their families will be granted permanent residence.

Applicants found to be ineligible to make an asylum claim are excluded from applying, as well as those who have withdrawn or abandoned their claims.

In order to be eligible, the applicant must:

Have claimed asylum before March 13, 2020 and have a work permit after making an asylum claim.
Have worked for at least 120 hours between March 13, 2020 and August 14, 2020 in health care sector in health institutions.
Have worked as an orderly, a nurse, a nurse’s aide, a patient service associate, an assistant orderly or as a home support worker.
Demonstrate 6 months of experience in the occupation before obtaining permanent residence. Applicants will have until August 31, 2020 to fulfil this requirement.
Be admissible to Canada, especially in regards to criminality, security and health.

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