Express Entry and PNP April 2020 Update

Canada continues to invite thousands to immigrate to Canada in 2020, despite the travel restrictions in place.

The Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs and many other programs and visas that are currently Flooding in processing. Express Entry draws have seen a considerable increase in the number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) issued for permanent residency. The average has jumped from 3,200 to 3,900 in each Express Entry draw.

Programs such as PNP linked Express Entry programs as well as the Canada Experience Class, in particular, are being processed more regularly than other immigration programs.
That means Canadian work experience and having a valid job offer in Canada is getting preference to a successful visa application.

We can give you best advice on the visa application process, including how to immigrate to Canada. With the help of our government accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Authorized Legal Advisor. . Our professionals are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable on all federal government immigration rules.

With our guidance, applicant get the best possible chance for getting an ITA for Canadian permanent residence. We will assist you in selecting the immigration program that it is best suited to you with the visa application process.

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