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Spoken English

Spoken English - Coaching

English is the Universal language and also it is considered as the language that is the second most spoken across the globe. The English language is used as the most common communicating language and also it has been accepted as the official second language by the United Nations, the European Union as well as plenty of other organizations of the world. Various countries have their unique accents of speaking English. The accent and pronunciation of the English words differ from country to country, but one common thing that brings the people around the world together is one universal language accepted and spoken across the globe and that is English.

If you are planning to pursue your higher education from any abroad destination, you are required to have a basic knowledge of the English language. The basic objective of learning the English language is to make communication effective with clear listening and better speaking skills. Spoken English program at SIIS – Sharp International Immigration Services is one such program that brings out the best of the language speaking skills in you.

Your speech is one thing that people tend to understand what you are trying to say or communicate with them, so you just can’t ignore one such important part of your personality. It may happen sometimes that you want to say something but you aren’t able to convey it properly due to language barriers, that’s where the Spoken English program comes in. Our Spoken English program is specially designed by experts focusing on the various social as well as psychological aspects.

The Spoken English program at SIIS is creatively conducted by getting our students involved with the learning and enjoying the fun tricks to make the class less boring, more comfortable, friendly, and relaxed.

At SIIS, we help our students find a perfect rhythm, we offer them our continual support throughout the program to attain their personal goal.

By The End of Our Spoken English Program You Will:
  • Gain Fluency in English
  • Have Better and Improved Pronunciation
  • Have Increased Vocabulary
  • Experience a Variety of English Accents Followed By Different Cultures
  • Learn The Questions, Sentence Formations, as well as Various Responses To Various Situations.