Parents & Grand Parents Sponsorship

Parents & Grand Parents Sponsorship

Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship

If you want to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship program, firstly you are required to submit the form showing your interest to sponsor. If your application gets approved, you are then invited to submit your full application, after which you become eligible to apply for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship and help them become Canadian permanent residents.

If you are applying for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship, you must:

  • Be able to provide financial support to them as well as their dependents.
  • Make sure that no government assistance is needed by them.

How to Apply and Submit an Application for Parent Grandparent Sponsorship?

If your application gets approved, you are invited to apply for and become the Sponsor of the Parent and Grandparent. Here, you need to apply for 2 types of applications:

  • An application to become a Sponsor, and
  • A Permanent Residence application must be filed by your Parents or Grandparents.

You are allowed to send both of these applications simultaneously.

You are required to submit your application package within 60 days of your invitation date. The deadline will clearly be mentioned in your invitation letter or mail.

Here are 6 easy steps to apply for your Parent Grandparent Sponsorship.

1. The Interest to Sponsor form submission

The prime step towards sponsoring your Parent and/or Grandparent is to fill and submit the interest to sponsor form.

After the form closes down, your submission gets reviewed and all the duplicate entries are removed. Only your last submitted form is considered to be final.

2. Receive an invite to apply

Random selection of the applicants is carried out and thus an invite is sent to the potential sponsors to apply for their Parent and Grandparent sponsorship.

3. Receive an application package

If your application gets accepted, you will be sent an invite to apply for this sponsorship program. Your Invite contains updated forms and the latest instructions guide. Hence, never fill out your application unless you are invited to apply. This needs to be followed to avoid filling out the outdated forms or using the old instruction guide from last year.

The package includes:

  • List of documents for you as well as an individual you want to sponsor
  • Forms that you and your sponsored individual needs to fill out
  • An instruction booklet to assist you in filling the forms correctly
4. Online payment of your application fees

Usually, the fee structure includes

  • The processing fees including you and your sponsored individual as well as their dependents
  • The Right of Permanent Residence Fee
  • The Biometrics fee

Biometrics fee

Usually, the Biometrics fee needs to be paid at the time of your application submission. Or else, it may get delayed. The Biometrics fee includes the cost of collecting your fingerprints as well as a digital photo.

The instruction guide will help you in understanding the fee structure as well as which fees and how much fees apply to you.

5. Submit your application

You are required to submit your application within 60 days. The details about the deadlines will be mentioned in your invitation.

The application guide will consist of all the instructions including how to email your details.

You can also use a courier service for submitting your application, which will allow you to track your application.
Your application will be returned in the following cases:

  • If your application is incomplete
  • If you haven’t paid the fees
  • If you’ve sent an application without receiving an invite
  • If you are unable to send your application within the stipulated deadline mentioned in your invitation.
6. Additional information

During your application processing period, the sponsored person will be asked to submit their:

  • Biometrics
  • You and/or your family member will be asked to give your Biometrics, once the biometrics fee is paid.
  • You and/or your family members will be asked to show the invitation letter at the time of giving the Biometrics.
  • A 30 days period is granted to give/submit the Biometrics in person at their nearest point of collection.