Extend your study Permit

Extend your study Permit

Extend Your Study Permit

The expiry date of study permit tells that when will you have to stop studying and leave Canada. The extra 90days gives you time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada.

When to extend study permit

The student should apply to extend study permit at least 30 days before it expires. Its better to verify passport validity, it should be valid to cover up the extension period.

Benefit of study permit extension

If the student applies before the permit expires, the student can stay In Canada under the same conditions as current study permit until CIC make a decision.

When the study permit expires

Study permit will expire on the date marked on the permit or 90 days after the day complete the studies, whichever comes first.

  • 90 days begin on the date when getting the first notification from the school through an email, letter, Transcript, etc., That the student completed the program or
  • When the student gets a degree, Diploma or certificate

What to do if the permit already has expired

The student will be lost his status who still in Canada but the expiry date of the study permit passed before the application of new study permit, work permit or stay in Canada as a visitor,

In this case, the student may apply to restore the status as a student. To apply the student must have,

  • Submit application within 90 days of losing status
  • Keep meeting the requirement of stay
  • Have met all the conditions listed on a study permit and
  • Pay fees for,
  • Restoration fee
  • Study permit

How to apply to extend study permit

  • Online application
  • Paper based application