Stratergic Projects Category

Stratergic Projects Category

BC PNP Strategic Projects Category

By setting up a branch office or another operating facility, the BC PNP Strategic Projects category allows foreign companies to establish themselves and mark their presence in British Columbia.

The Strategic Projects Category of the BC-PNP program falls under the Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and operates as an Immigration pathway program of Canada for all the key employees or staff of any prestigious and reputed international corporations who have defined strategic investment opportunities in British Columbia Province for the development as well as expansion of their core companies.

In the process, up to five key employees or staff members may be suggested by the company to operate and settle in the province to oversee and expand the activities of the company in British Columbia.

If the key employees or staff members who are running the business in British Columbia Province are successfully nominated under this category, they become eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency status.

Industries that have successfully used the Strategic Projects Category under BC-PNP are Advanced manufacturing units, technology sector, digital media industry, specialised engineering sector, forestry department and scientific research and development board. These companies have generated high-impact occupations in British Columbia Province.

Minimum Requirements for the Corporations / Companies

Corporations or companies must meet the following requirements in order to become eligible for Strategic Projects category under the BC PNP:

  • Companies must possess excellent financial health; also are required to provide the proof of maintaining good business practices as well as successful business operations even with the international companies working or based outside Canada who seem to have resemblance with the proposed business in British Columbia Province.
  • Companies are required to Identify prospects for investment in British Columbia Province on the basis of the commercial or business choices and credible foundations.
  • Companies are required to show that the proposed key staff members consist of skilled senior staff members who are important to the establishment and operation of the organisation.

Typically, in most situations, all successful or successful corporate applicants generally have a minimum of 150 employees and a minimum of $20,000,000 in annual revenue or profits.

The company would be expected to:

  • Make a $500,000 of minimum equity investment or purchase and grow an existing qualified business in British Columbia Province.
  • Generate minimum 3 new jobs for the Permanent residents or the citizens of Canada for every single foreign key employee or staff member hired (Limited to maximum 5 key staff members).
  • Set up or buy and grow an existing business in British Columbia Province.

Minimum Requirements for Key employees or Staff Members

The BC PNP needs key members of staff to have immigration status in Canada, or to be qualified for it. The BC PNP will not consider any requests from key employees or staff members who:

  • Are banned from entering Canada,
  • Have not been admitted lawfully in the country they are currently staying,
  • Have entered Canada without any sort of authorization,
  • Are working without permission in Canada,
  • Are having an unresolved refugee claim status inside Canada,
  • Are currently stuck under a removal order inside or outside Canada.

How to Apply to the BC PNP Strategic Projects Category

Applicants must undertake three key phases in order to apply for the Strategic Projects category under the BC PNP: An Exploratory Visit, Discuss the Proposal, and Submitting an application to British Columbia Province.

Exploratory Visit

The BC PNP strongly advises businesses to make an exploratory visit to British Columbia before applying, to have a better understanding of the local environment of business as well as opportunities.

Discussion of Proposal

To discuss their business idea and learn about the programme, all Strategic Projects Category candidates are firstly required to contact the BC PNP. Companies are also expected to register their application interest for the category, pay the CAD $300 as registration fees, and include the following points in their proposals:

  • General details about the company such as year of establishment, annual revenue, etc;
  • A brief note of the business that applicant wishes to set up or buy or grow in the province;
  • Explanation in regards of how the new business is linked to the core business of the company;
  • Research of commercial viabilities and due diligence that has been carried out;
  • Justification for the investment, providing a thorough breakdown of the investment;
  • Annual estimated revenue;
  • Different types of jobs created for Canadian Permanent residents as well as Citizens by the proposed enterprise; and
  • Other details as needed.


The BC PNP will give the candidate an application package via email if the business idea meets the requirements. It is then up to the applicant and key employees or staff members to request all the forms and supporting documents necessary. A corporate application processing fee of $3,500 CAD plus an additional $1,000 CAD application fee for each main staff member proposed must be paid by the applicant.

Afterwards, the BC PNP will review the submission. All main team members will be expected to attend an in-person interview in Vancouver at the BC PNP offices if the initial assessment is passed.

After Application Approval

If an application request is accepted, the company must do the following

  • A Performance Agreement needs to be signed with the British Columbia Government;
  • If the application is accepted, the company's appointed signing authority must sign a Performance Agreement with the Province of British Columbia. In order to apply for a two-year work permit from IRCC, each key employee or staff member will be given a work permit support letter by the BC PNP.
  • To explain how the company has fulfilled the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement, a final report needs to be sent to the BC PNP; and
  • Key employees or staff members are required to apply to the IRCC for a permanent Canadian resident visa within 180 days of the nomination date (only if the company or corporation has met all the terms and conditions mentioned in the Performance Agreement).