Transit Visa

Transit Visa

Transit Visa

A transit visa is required if a person is from a visa required countries and

  • Your international flight stops at a Canadian airport on it’s way to another country.
  • You will transit through Canada in 48 hours or less.
  • You don’t have a valid visitor visa.
  • You have a connecting flight at Canada airport between two countries.

There are two ways to apply for transit visa; you can either apply online or on paper.

An application form needs to be filled out and instead of visitor visa ensure to select “transit” in visa requested section.

Online application is most recommended way for applying a Transit Visa based on following reasons:

  • It gets processed quickly.
  • No courier fee or mail delivery time is spent.
  • Application gets submitted instantly.
  • If more documents are demanded they can be instantly submitted online.
  • Submission of physical copy of passport is not required at initial stage.
  • Updates on the application are available online in the account.

The application is then processed if all required documents are submitted properly.