Federal Self Employed

Federal Self Employed

Federal Self Employed

Self-employed farmers, international, professional athletes, or individuals in the arts and culture industry who can prove that they have the potential to be gainfully self-employed in Canada are eligible for a business immigration visa, provided they meet the selection criteria for the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program.

In comparison to other streams of business immigration, where applicants are required to invest a sum of their own funds into a company or government or acquire funding from a private organization, eligible applicants are instead only asked to provide proof of their experience within their industry as well as evidence supporting their claims to being successfully self-employed.

Federal Self-Employed Program Requirements

At least two years of relevant work experience in the applicant’s professional industry are required within the five years that precede their business immigration application. Professional athletes and individuals in the arts and culture industry must either provide proof of:

  • Two years of being self-employed within their industry, or
  • Two years of participating at a world-class level within their domain, or
  • A combination of one year of each of the above.

Self-employed persons wishing to own and operate a farm must be equipped with two years of farm management experience within the five-year period immediately preceding their application. All those applying to the Federal Self-Employed Program must intend to settle in any Canadian province or territory with the exception of Quebec, who has its own self-employed immigration program.

Selection Criteria for Federal Self-Employed Program

In addition to meeting the experience requirements, applicants will also be graded on a point system to better assess their eligibility for a Self-Employed Visa.

Overview of Factors

Selection Criteria Maximum Points
Education 25
Experince 35
Age 10
Ability in English and/or French 24
Adaptability 6
Total 100

Applicants are awarded points for their education (25), experience (35), age (10), language proficiencies (24), and adaptability (6), for a total score of 100 points. Successful candidates will have a minimum passing score of 35, that is subject to change. Candidates will be selected based on their scores for each category, the documents they provide with their application, and whether or not they meet the standards of a self-employed person in Canada.