Visitor visa for worker and students

Visitor visa for worker and students

Visitor Visa for Worker and Students

Getting a permit whether it is a study permit or work permit doesn’t imply that the visa is granted to an individual. A separate application needs to be submitted for visa extension when you have extended your work/study permit.

An application for the visitor visa can be done from inside Canada as well but only in cases where the criteria are met as suggested by the Immigration Department and mentioned below:

  • You should be in Canada at the time of application.
  • You should have a valid study/work permit.
  • Your existing visitor visa is expired or was valid for only one entry.
  • You have to leave and return to Canada in near future.

The application should be done at least two months before the plan of travel.

There are two ways to apply for the visa process, one is online application and other is paper-based application.

Whether the application is done from inside or outside Canada the process remains same for online application. For paper based application the application package needs to be downloaded filled and then mailed to the provided address.