Extend your visitor visa

Extend your visitor visa

Extend Your Visitor Visa

When you first come to Canada as a visitor you have a visitor visa and below mentioned documents are required to enter:

  • A visitor visa (a temporary resident visa)
  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)
  • A valid passport

When you wish to extend your visitor visa, you need to apply for visitor record (visitor record is not a visa). Visitor record gives a status to extend your stay in Canada and gives a new expiry date for leaving the country.

A Visitor record should be applied well before the current status of visa expires. This is for a person who wants to extend their stay in Canada or wants to change their permit type. For e.g. from study permit/work permit to visitor record.

Applying online is preferable in most of the cases for a Visitor Record. The process is faster, and application is done instantly.

If you have applied for visitor record before the date you are supposed to leave then you can legally stay in Canada till a decision is made on your application.