Govt. Removed Requirement for Assessment Procedure Temporarily for Foreign Workers who want to migrate to Canada

In a recent address to the nation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $62.5 million to support seafood and fish processors who may be struggling during the novel coronavirus pandemic. This could also be used to buy necessary equipment such as freezers and storage space to preserve food.
The fish and seafood sector is one of Canada’s highest food export industries, which is providing jobs to approximately 72,000 people.
In order to help fast-track visa processing for foreign workers who want to migrate to Canada through certain in-demand sectors, the Canadian government has temporarily removed the requirement for the Labour Market Impact Assessment procedure. A Canadian employer would usually need to advertise a job opening in Canada locally to hire foreign national workers.
This applies to workers in the following sectors:
  • Agricultural sectors
  • Fish and Seafood industry
  • Meat processing sectors
  • Logistics industry
  • Long haul truck drivers
Jobs in the fish and seafood processing industry have average annual salaries of $58,500, with experience fisherman can earn up to $ 99,000 per year.
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